Who we are

Our mission is to support Italian firms in strengthening their brand-identity and boosting their competitiveness within the reference sectors. How do we act? We help firms to develop innovative solutions that combine their corporate values with the creativity of emerging talents.

What we offer

Our team of specialists assists you in developing tailored projects, covering every aspect of the partnership and pursuing creative excellence.


  • Building and enhancing of corporate collections
  • Organisation & setting up of private and public exhibitions
  • Events planning
  • Development of commercial partnerships & collaborations
  • Art integration into advertising projects
  • Site-Specific Installation
  • Panels & Cultural
  • Conversations

  • Art Advisory
  • Tax and Legal Support
  • CSR initiatives
  • Creative/Art Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing & Communication Campaigns
  • Project Management
  • Experience Concept & Design
  • End-to-end Product
  • Design
  • Artist Scouting
  • Artist commissions
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