N. Klein & N. Colombo x espressOh

Fluid Shapes

N. Klein & N. Colombo x espressOh

YET Art Agency collaborated with Espressoh, an Italian, sustainable and beauty  brand Made in Italy with an all-female team.

YET Art Agency developed for Espressoh a branding-oriented project aiming to emphasize its core values.

For this first collaboration with art, YET scouted two international emerging artists: the American painter Nina Klein and the Italian sculptress Nicole Colombo.

The project developed through two stages: Merchandising and Show.

The two artists were asked to develop a visual interpretation of their own idea of femininity, following different artistic practices. Three limited-edition unique pieces were created: a mirror, a bag and a silk scarf.

The experience of free expression of femininity has been replicated through an exhibition in Milan where the two artists have shown new unreleased artworks.


For this collaboration YET Art Agency was tasked with Artist Scouting, Artist Management, Curating, Communication, Contracting, Campaign Production.

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